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Barbeque and Grilling are undoubtedly one of the healthiest and the safest ways of cooking. The best part about these two is that it is the kind of activity that most of us love to indulge in. Whether you are cooking on a portable gas bbq or an offset smoker, you can create delicious bbq meals from a range of meats and vegetables.


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It is mandatory that the finest quality tools must be used for Barbeque and Grilling. You can get the best quality tools for us and use them to make delicious food.

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They have all the tools for barbeque and grilling. The quality of the products that they provide is also great.

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Interesting facts about BBQ

Most of do not even know how to use the barbeque properly. Let us accept that fact that all we know is to happily eat the delicious dishes that are prepared. Most of us have a thing for barbeque dishes. The unique and the captivating flavor is something that cannot describe in words.

It is weird that most of love BBQ and we do not know much about it. In this article, we will see some of the interesting facts about BBQ.

The complicated past

There are lots of explanations that are given for the word “barbeque”. Some say that it came from the bar, beer, and billiards restaurants. BAR-BEER-CUE-PIG. But the most common and the widely accepted reason is that it originated from the West Indies. The actual word was “barbacoa”.  In the West Indian language, it means slow cooking over hot coals. We think that it is better to choose and believe in the one that makes sense. Rather than accepting something stupid.

The Capital War

There are two different cities in the United States that claim to the capital of barbeque. They are Memphis TN and Kansas City, MO. A lot of barbeque tournaments are organized in these two cities, and each city has its own title. But Lexington NC is named as the Barbeque capital of the world.


The presidential tradition

Barbeque plays a very important in the tradition of the United States. Lyndon B. Johnson organized the first every barbeque party in the White House. The part had Texan style ribs. Jimmy Carter hosted a pig-picking party. More than 500 people were invited to that party.

Not just for summer

Most of us tend to think that barbeque and grilling are very much confined to summers because we generally used to do it during the summer. But that is not the truth. More than 60% of the people have stated that for them, barbeque is an activity that will happen throughout the year irrespective of the weather.

The longest barbeque

The longest barbeque

Most of us tend to get frustrated during the barbeque process because it is a time-consuming process. The only thing that is holding from not losing it is we know for a fact that we are going to have some delicious dishes at the end. But Jan Greef from Georgia cooked 1000 hot dogs and 200 pieces of corn which took nearly 80 hours. Till this day it is the longs barbeque.

The largest barbeque

The largest barbeque till date was organized at Nuevo Leon in Mexico. The barbeque dishes were prepared for more than 45000 people.

The science of heat

Many have this belief that people tend to cook properly because of practice that have had in the past. It is true. But that is not the only thing. There is actually a science behind measuring the heat of the barbeque, which plays a very important role. You can determine the heat by placing your hand over the barbeque and counting the time that you are able to keep your hands over it.

Delicious BBQ Recipes

BBQ is without a doubt, the oldest cooking method in the world. It is said that it all originated in the Caribbean area and it was later perfected in the Indian region. Till this day it is one of the most preferred cooking methods. Most of the people love to indulge in this cooking method because it is fun and it obviously gives an amazing flavor to the food.

We all know that food tastes entirely different when it is barbequed. In this article, we will see some of the most delicious BBQ recipes.

BBQ Chicken

The BBQ Chicken is definitely the moist preferred BBQ dish. It is very easy to do and takes only consumes a small amount of time.  The best part about BBQ chicken is that we can experiment as much as we can. There is no pre-written rule that needs to be followed. The texture and juiciness of this amazing dish is the main reason why people are preferring this over other dishes.  To put it simple words, there is no other dish in the world that can replace BBQ Chicken.

BBQ Chicken

Paneer Afghani

If you are the odd man out (vegetarian) in your group, this is the perfect way to enjoy the BBQ meal with them. The vision of this scrumptious dish is all the more enough to attract people. The perfectly roasted golden brown crust with the delicious core makes this one a class apart from the rest. To every vegetarian out there paneer for you is nothing less than a savior. It is a simple dish that can be done easily.

Mix vegetable and Cheese skewers

Mix vegetable and Cheese skewers is the result when there is perfect of health and taste. It is a very rare thing to happen. The vegetables can be of your choice, but cheese is mandatory. Some of the most common vegetables that are used in this dish are onions, bell pepper and broccoli. Make sure that you try it out, we can assure you will not regret it.

Mix vegetable and Cheese skewers

BBQ Steak

If we are talking about BBQ recipes, it is mandatory to mention BBQ Stakes. The most important thing about BBQ stakes is that the cut of meat plays a very important role. If the meat is not cut properly, then the cooking process might take too long, and there are good possibilities that the dish will not come out as expected.

Pork with Pineapple Satay

Pork with Pineapple Satay

Satay is actually a dish that has its origin from Indonesia. It consists of seasoned meat that is served with a spicy sauce. But the spiciness is reduced in most parts in the world. The pork is a bit mild but is juicier with a different flavor.

Grilled Salmon with honey

If you are a seafood lover, there are no second thoughts on the fact that you will definitely love this dish. Salmon, when cooked with honey, gives a great taste to the dish. One of the main reasons for using honey is that salmon easily blends with sweet marinades.

Useful BBQ & Grilling Tips

Let us first accept the bitter fact that most of us are terrible when it comes to barbeque. No matter how hard we try, we tend to lose on something. Generally, we do not get the expected texture and flavor. After hands-on experience, most of the people would have understood that BBQ is very different than normal cooking. It takes a lot of practice to master the skill. Well, things cannot happen overnight. In this article, we will go through some tips that help to improve the BBQ skills.

Get the right barbeque

It is a very basic and very simple thing. But have the right barbeque has a considerable amount of impact on the food. People who have used both the gas barbeque and the coal barbeque will know the difference. If you want that smoky flavor in your delicious dish, there is no other way but to get coal barbeque. You will not get the authentic BBQ flavors in a gas barbeque.

Use the right fuel

Use the right fuel

There are good possibilities many might not know this. Even the coal that we use has a huge impact on the taste of the food. Most of the renowned chefs and barbeque experts have stated that the best coals that can be used are the ones that look a burnt tree. These coals give the best flavor and taste to the dishes that are prepared.

Patience is important

When it comes to barbeque, most of the dishes, especially meat, takes a long time, get cooked. It is not just about being cooked; the barbeque cooking is done so that you will get that smoky taste with the dish. Hence it is very important to keep calm and wait to devour the amazing dishes.

Perfect temperature results in the perfect food

 perfect food

When it comes to barbeque, the most common mistake that most of the people do is going wrong with the temperature. Some have this perception that a higher temperature will accelerate the cooking process. But that is not the truth. It is mandatory to have the perfect temperature to get good dishes. Higher temperature or lower temperature will spoil the dish entirely. It’s highly recommend that a digital meat thermometer be used to ensure your meat is cooked to the perfect temperature. Digital thermometers also allow you to monitor the temperature of your grill or smoker to ensure you have enough heat to cook correctly.

Use the necessary tools

There are no second thoughts on the fact that barbeque is a fulfilled activity. But at the same time, one can deny the fact that there are good possibilities of people getting hurt. Hence it is necessary to get the required tools so that the barbeque will be remembered for delicious food and good moments. It is not just safety; using the right tools will also help is to cook and serve the dishes perfectly.

Marinating is important

Marinating and the flavor are directly proportional to each other. When you read certain recipes, they would have stated to marinate for a few hours. A few hours, marinating is good. But marinating overnight is hands down the best. If you want to enjoy a delicious barbeque dish, do not feel lazy. Make sure to marinate the entire night before getting into action.

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